Using social media for security awareness


If your company is big enough to have a communications team, this might be a good time to meet them. People dealing on a daily basis with communications are good to befriend, for example to advice your staff on how to inform end users about security threats and tips. In case a disasters trikes and someone has to talk to the press, this friendship with them may also come in handy.

Social media

Social media is still a hot subject and people are subscribing themselves to new services on a daily basis. Besides sites like Facebook and Twitter, also company oriented services like Yammer increase in followers. Wouldn’t it be great to use social media as a communication feed for security related matters?

Before sending floods of security tips and threats towards users of social media, define a communication strategy. This includes what, how often en when do you want to send out your information. But it also involves the type of communication, like informational messages, a call for action or possibly even a contest to get security a more “viral” effect.

Any other great ideas for how to use social media and information security? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Using social media for security awareness

  1. You talk about sending information out through social media, but what about bidirectional communications, discussing security and business matters?

    • Gary,

      Thanks for your comment and valuable input. Bidirectional communication is a great addition to just sending!
      Depending on the platforms used within an organization, it might be useful to include conversations, polls or even create contests. Sending is silver, having a conversation is gold!


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