Social Networking for Security Professionals

Within the world of security, it looks like the people practicing this craftsmanship, are well hidden. Still most security professionals know the social game and are able to find their peers. With the technology going fast, the threat landscape changing on a daily basis, a good network of security peers is therefore invaluable. Besides that, networking might provide nice opportunities for your career.

Even if you are a seasoned security professional, or just entered the industry, there are always new sources and people to discover. With that having said, here are some tips for increasing your personal network. Note: since the audience of this blog is internationally oriented, the examples are limited on purpose. Check your local area (and peers) for ideas in your country or state.

Read a blog

Many smart people in the industry have a great message to tell. While there are not many that are actually sharing their thoughts, gladly enough there are still enough to read. For example the blog of SecBarbie and her website Security Sociability. While you could use a search engine to find some, the Security Bloggers Network has already collected a nice bunch of blogs for you to read. Take a RSS reader, add the feed and you are ready to go.

Read a magazine

Besides reading a blog, you might like magazines. While many countries have magazines around information security, there is a great free alternative called (IN)SECURE. Check their archive for previous articles.

Visit security conferences

Security conferences are maybe the best opportunity to meet people in real life. It’s a great chance to see advanced speakers, catch up with old colleagues or learn about new products.

Connect on Twitter

Social media like Twitter include many of the great names within the industry, like the famous “hacker” Kevin Mitnick (@kevinmitnick). While many other great names could be listed here, it would only be an insult to those ones who are unlisted.. So discover them yourself, as Twitter will propose others by default. Even if you didn’t use Twitter before, then maybe this is great time to start (hint: @TheNextCISO).

Master tips

If you would really go pro:

  • Create a blog: share your ideas, thoughts, learn new people.
  • Submit an article: create exposure and great for your résumé.
  • Organize a conference: learn the local people (or think bigger!)
  • Get yourself interviewed by security peers (or magazines)


Having additional ideas or tips? Use the comments!