Security leadership skills

When working in the information security business, one will find that technical skills are often required to keep up with the high pace of development and threats. However more subtitle requirements can be defined to be well suited in your job role.

To be effective within your organization, knowing the culture and have organizational awareness are key features for each individual. With security in mind, paying additional attention to these subjects can make a huge difference. This also applies to be a change manager for your organization. Embrace change, motivate and influence others to improve the organization. Having strategical and tactical capabilities go hand in hand with these earlier mentioned traits. Know your management, get their support and mandate, to obtain the right amount of budget for your security programs.

Finally it’s important to consider that no men alone can do all the work alone. Showing you are a team player, including knowing your own skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Soft skills for people who want to be or become a security leader include oral and written communication skills, perseverance, business planning and time management. Especially communication skills can have a huge impact on your leadership as viewed by others. Clear communication, together with well defined goals and the proper way to explain others are key in getting others to assist you on your security endeavors.

When dealing with higher management, business acumen, budgeting and presenting skills are highly valuated. In the end it’s better to convince the people with the money, instead of people on the work floor dealing with daily operations and no budget.

Maybe the most important of all is that you have passion for your job, maintain personal integrity and don’t take things to serious. You need to accept some people take security less security. In any case, smile, but don’t overdo it.