Privacy Protect: Removing GPS coordinates from photos

Most people know how to create a photo on their smartphone. They also know what GPS is, especially those who rely on it to navigate through traffic. The big thing they don’t always know is that these GPS coordinates might be added to the photo itself, revealing the location on where it was created. In “Privacy Protect” we provide tips on how to protect your privacy. This first article is about the risks involved with online images.

Online pictures, especially photo’s created at home or at work, could have so called Exif data attached. Exif is the abbreviation for “Exchangeable Image File” and is meta data, or in other words, data about data. It includes characteristics of the photo, the device and in some cases it even includes the GPS coordinates. While this often might be harmless, there are cases where you rather don’t want to let others know where you were.

Last year the location of the famous John McAfee was leaked, when a photo was published including his GPS coordinates. Shortly after the published photo, he was captured.