The Next CISO is a blog about information security with the main focus on those who are in a leadership role. Secondly it provides guidance for those to implement security, for example when running a security programs or project. The blog is written by people who are passionate about this particular field of expertise. Our mission is to make the digital world a safer place, by sharing knowledge and experiences.


We are passionate about the subject.

Who’s behind this blog?

We are CISOfy, the makers of auditing tool Lynis. Our company goal is to make security measurable (again).

Our website: http://cisofy.com

Guest blogging

To allow others publish their content, we have are open to guest blog posts. These posts will usually be published on Wednesday.


  • At least 600 words;
  • Article should be related to information security;
  • Content should be unique (not earlier published on other sites);
  • Offensive posts are not allowed. Opinion based posts are fine though;
  • All submissions will be reviewed and only published after approval;
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  • Include a small biography about yourself;

Submissions can be send by e-mail.


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