Security resolutions 2014

On this last day of the year, it’s time to share some personal resolutions for 2014, related to information security.

Auditing tools and advice

With my new company CISOfy I will assist more companies in proper hardening their Unix/Linux systems and providing advice. Companies (and individuals) benefit from more focus on proper auditing, and I will help them providing the right tools to do so. Lynis was the first (great) start, however much more can be done!

Security column

For the Full Circle Magazine I will answer security questions of their readers, to help them with their security related questions. Although the magazine has a focus on Ubuntu, many readers will profit from the very good questions asked by their readers. Additionally, I will seek out more opportunities to help others in similar ways.

More presentations and networking

With the two resolutions mentioned before, sharing more knowledge is not far away. Therefore my goal is to do more presentations and share good practices in the field. Less hiding (=working) behind the computer, more security networking!

Who am I? Michael Boelen, security enthusiast, founder of CISOfy.
I’m wishing you all a happy and especially a safe 2014!